Theatre Huntsville and Evil Cheez Productions present a new ten-minute playwriting competition. Theatre Huntsville, ECP, and The Historic Lowry House will partner on this play series to support the generation of new theatrical works in our community. Submissions will be accepted until July 15th, after which five finalists will be chosen to have their plays performed in a reader’s theatre format at the Historic Lowry House in Huntsville, AL on September 23rd, 2017. The prizes will be $250 for first place, $150 for second place, and $50 for third place, and will be selected via an audience vote on the night of the festival.

Theatre Huntsville is one of North Alabama’s premier live theatre organizations, producing six productions a year at the Von Braun Center Playhouse. Evil Cheez Productions is the home base for writer/director/producer Wayne Miller, providing top notch entertainment for the stage, page, and screen. The two organizations have partnered with The Historic Lowry House to create this playwriting series in the belief that locally written and created productions can be a unique cultural opportunity, providing a direct lens into the identity of our local community and the surrounding communities of North Alabama. These organizations wish to invest in and support our local storytellers and theatre artists who are interested in the creation of new live works.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Applicants must be at least 19 years old and reside in North Alabama
2. Applicants must submit a short bio, a cast of characters, and character descriptions
3. No musicals or children’s theatre
4. Light or no profanity
5. Deadline for submissions is July 15th, 2017

With your submission please include:

-Author’s Name
-Play Title
-Author’s Email
-Author’s Phone
-A copy of the play (pdf, doc, and docx only please)

Plays will be initially judged by a committee of readers from both Theatre Huntsville and Evil Cheez Productions. The top five plays from this judging process will be performed in a reader’s theatre format by members of the two theatre groups at The Historic Lowry House on Sept. 23rd, 2017. There will be an $8 cover charge for the event for patrons. The audience will vote on the five finalists, and cash prizes of up to $250 will be awarded to the winner and two runners-up.
Applicants can submit their ten-minute plays online by following the submissions link, email them to, or mail them to Theatre Huntsville, P.O. Box 654, Huntsville, AL 35804-0654.