by Mitch Albom

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. They will be held at the VBC Playhouse at 6:30 PM on Sunday Nov 13th and Monday Nov 14th. No appointment is neccessary, just show up and have fun!

Duck Hunter Shoots Angel will be performed at the Von Braun Center Playhouse on March 17-25, 2017.

This is an uproarious story of two bumbling Alabama brothers who have never shot a duck but think they shot an angel. As they lament their fates in a murky swamp, they are pursued by a cynical tabloid journalist and his reluctant photographer, who don’t believe any of it – until feathers, wings, and a tiara are discovered along the way. The play interweaves a love story, sibling rivalry, tawdry media, race relations and cultural stereotypes as the chase to find the angel builds to a crescendo in the swamp. Ultimately a sweet allegory about redemption, this is a comedy with a surprisingly heartfelt lesson.


Sandy (late 30s, 40-ish): a tabloid journalist. Cynical, a little jaded, a little self-hating. Sandy had plans, and they did not involve tracking would-be Angel shooters for The Weekly World and Globe.

Lenny (30-ish, African American): a photographer. Has even less desire than Sandy to be on this particular assignment.

Lester (30s): a tabloid publisher. Fast talking, fast walking, always looking for an angle. Lester knows what his readers want, and Sandy better get it for him – yesterday.

Duane (30s, southern accent): one of the Duck Hunters. Duane’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he’s trying.

Duwell (30s, Southern accent): the other Duck Hunter, and Duane’s younger brother. Duwell is a little dimmer than Duane, but sweeter with it.

Woman (late 20s, Southern accent): sweet, thoughtful, supportive, but some spark and spunk as well.

Kansas (teenager, 17. Southern accent): Smart girl with a smart mouth – but likeable.

Gator Man/Phil (no age specified): Gator Man. A strong, physically comic actor who moves well. Fun role without a lot of lines, but lots of presence.

The Voice/Loan Officer (40s). Commanding vocal presence; actor is mostly heard, not seen – the inverse of Gator Man.