Theatre Huntsville is pleased to announce that we will be hosting Ronald Rand’s “The Art of Transformation” acting workshop on September 30th. This class will provide actors with tools they can use to get out of their heads and onto the stage during both auditions and performance. We are delighted to be hosting this talented artist and to have the opportunity to share his craft with our community.
taught by Ronald Rand

The only workshop in the world bringing to participants Stanislavsky’s “Method of Actions” Chart, presented for the past 15 years in 23 countries and 20 states, at over 75 theaters, art centers, universities and colleges across America and around the world.

Through the use of physical exercises and the 40 tools on Russian Master Teacher Constantin Stanislavsky’s ‘Method of Physical Actions’ Chart, we’ll work together towards simplicity, relaxation, and truth, learning how to release the “inner critic,” while discovering ways to unleash your unique creativity, through understanding and transformation.
The Art of Transformation master workshop draws from Mr. Rand’s many years of performing and teaching, and his studies with Stella Adler, Harold Clurman, Robert Lewis, Joseph Chaikin, and Jerzy Grotowski.

International Goodwill Cultural Ambassador, RONALD RAND is currently in his 15th year touring around the world in his solo play, LET IT BE ART! as Harold Clurman, known as “the elder Statesman of the American Theatre,” and has received standing ovations in 23 countries and 20 states. He has appeared in several Off-Broadway plays, and in over 200 films & television shows, including opposite Sean Connery and Dustin Hoffman in Family Business, Christopher Plummer in O’Keefe & Stieglitz, Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show directed by Robert Redford, Angelica Huston in When in Rome, and Yoko Ono in Homeless. Founder & Publisher of “The Soul of the American Actor” Newspaper – now in its 18th year, the only newspaper in America dedicated to the craft of the Actor and all of the Arts. Renowned international director of LUV currently running into its 2nd award-winning year at Sarajevo’s Chamber Theatre 55 with Zana Marjanovic, star of Angelina Jolie’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Ronald is the author of the best-selling book, “Acting Teachers of America” with 100 interviews including today’s most influential acting teachers, with Sidney Poitier, Olympia Dukakis, Gene Hackman, Edward Norton and Laura Linney