What is the Rocket City Playwrights’ Series?

In 2017 some folks from Theatre Huntsville got together with some folks from Evil Cheez Productions to figure out how they could support the creation of new works by local writers. There were a few writers around town, the interest seemed to be there. At some point every famous playwright was an unknown, struggling to get that first play read, produced and published. Someone had to take a chance on the unknown, and that is just what we had in mind.

After a lot of brainstorming the Rocket City Playwrights Series was born. We believe that locally written and created productions can be a unique cultural opportunity, providing a direct lens into the identity of our local community and the surrounding communities of North Alabama. TH & ECP are committed to investing in and supporting our local storytellers and theatre artists who are interested in the creation of new live works.

The decision was made to start with 10-minute plays presented as Reader’s Theatre. The first round of submissions was gathered over the summer and with the support of local actors and directors the inaugural performance was held on September 23, 2017 at The Historic Lowry House.  5 plays were presented to a capacity audience, and the feedback was tremendous.

The plays chosen for the 2017 cycle were:

In the Absence of Space by Mariah Beachboard
Pollux and Xerxes Play Chess by D. Lange
New Years Eve With Michael by Cathy Chambers
The Funeral Home by Greg Screws
The Book by Ben Shapiro

The Award Winners for 2017 were:

1st – The Funeral Home by Greg Screws
2nd – New Year’s Eve With Michael by Cathy Chambers
3rd – The Book by Benjamin Shapiro

A big thanks to everyone who is supporting this project and helping make a platform for new works a reality.

Rehearsal RCPS 2017

Playwrights and Cast RCPS 2017



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