Evil Cheez Productions

EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS has “officially” been a thing for four years now, although its genesis lies in the primordial past. (Like, we’re talking as far back as the 90s, here, or earlier if you want to get technical about it.) It’s a “thing” in that it’s more than any one thing. It’s the creation of writer, director, producer, and auteur extraordinaire Wayne Miller, a concept as much as a company, an umbrella under which he shelters; Evil Cheez Productions is home to all his creative endeavors. All his projects fall under the Evil Cheez banner: all his writings, both the ones he does for his “day job” as a pseudo-journalistic entertainer for the websites,,,, and (We live and die by the click, friends, so please check those sites out, if not daily, at least regularly!); and his private creations, his short stories, novels, and plays.

ECP is more than that, though. ECP is Miller’s entire troupe, his repertory company; the talented men and women (and occasionally an animal, plant, or inanimate object) who help him bring his mad visions to life. Evil Cheez Productions specializes in edgy, off-kilter fare, but has done everything from children’s’ plays to Southern Gospel-infused musicals. It’s just more often than not that an ECP play features a serial killer or other such subject matter in the grand ol’ Grand Guignol tradition. ECP seeks to fill a niche one does not find other places; certainly not any place ‘round these here parts. If one is viewing an Evil Cheez show, he or she is guaranteed to see something unique. He might love it (most of our audiences do) or he might hate it, but he won’t experience anything remotely like it anywhere else.

“You have to believe in yourself. And you have to, down deep within the bottom of your soul, feel that you can do the job that you’ve set out to do.” —William Castle

“One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp.”
―Ed Wood