Announcing open auditions for Theatre Huntsville’s upcoming 2016 production of the hit musical Forever Plaid!
Production dates are May 13-21, 2016
Audition dates are Sunday, Jan. 17 and Monday, Jan. 18 both at 6:00pm at the VBC Playhouse in downtown Huntsville.

Characters: 4 men, ages 18 to 30-ish (or who look in their mid-20s).
– Frankie, who sings second tenor/lyric baritone.
– Sparky, the cutup/clown baritone.
– Jinx, the shy and terrified and true tenor who is also Sparky’s
-Smudge, the worrier who sings bass.

Each person auditioning needs to prepare a popular song or show tune that shows off his range and vocal abilities. Each must bring their own sheet music – an accompanist on piano will be present. Each actor will also do a vocal range check, execute some “moves” and read cold from the script.

Rehearsals start March 22.
Show is heavy on music, 4-part close harmony from the 1950s and early ’60s.

For more information, contact director Elaine Hubbard here on Facebook or by e-mail: . Don’t forget to check out our event on the Theatre Huntsville Facebook page!

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