Please come join us for Auditions for “Emma” by Michael Bloom (based on the novel by Jane Austin) at May 13 and 14 at 6:30 pm at the VBC Playhouse.
Directed by Lorie Gill Hubscher

Show Dates: September 9-15, 2018

Although convinced that she herself will never marry, Emma Woodhouse, a precocious resident of the village of Highbury, imagines herself to be naturally gifted in conjuring love matches.
Set in the 1920’s, Emma delights in arranging the lives of others but will she end up arranging herself out of true love?


Emma – Late Teens to Early Thirties – A wealthy and clever young lady who delights in the innocent mischief of matchmaking. 
Henry Woodhouse – Emma’s father. Witty and a bit of a hypochondriac. 50+
Mr. George Knightley – The handsome neighbor and long time friend to Emma. Late twenties to early forties.
Miss Taylor – Former governess to Emma. Married to Mr. Weston. 30-late 40’s
Mr. Weston – Cheerful neighbor and married to Miss Taylor. Father of Frank Churchill. late 40’s+
Philip Elton – Minister. Comedic character. 30-50
Harriet Smith – Late Teens to Mid Twenties – A young friend of Emma’s that she has decided to take under her wing and “re-create” as a society girl.
Robert Martin – Young farmer in love with Harriet. Late 20’s – Early 30’s
Miss Bates – Older neightbor, very kind and talkative. 50+
Jane Fairfax – Young woman visiting her aunt. 20’s +
Frank Churchill – handsome son of Mr. Weston. 30+
Augusta Hawkins – Married to Mr. Elton. Very Comedic. She thinks very much of herself. 30-50

We will also need at least two women – 13+ for maids and at least 2-4 men 13+ for footmen and gardeners. These roles will have limited dialogue but plenty of stage time.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, no preparation is necessary.

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