Our Mission

Theatre Huntsville is dedicated to presenting a diverse and entertaining slate of high-quality, volunteer-driven, theatrical experiences that educate, stimulate and enrich the entire community.

Our Vision

Theatre Huntsville aspires to be the premier, volunteer-driven, performing arts organization in North Alabama.

Our History

Theatre Huntsville was formed in 1997 by the merger of Huntsville Little Theatre and Twickenham Repertory Company.
Huntsville Little Theatre began in the 1950s, as Huntsville’s very first theatre group and only its second performing arts group (Huntsville Community Chorus was the first). Their first play was “Dear Ruth,” and its last was “I Remember Mama” in 1997. During its first decade, HLT presented one play for children each season. Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theatre was born in the early 1960s, when a group of Little Theatre folks and others decided one play per year for children wasn’t enough.
Twickenham Repetory Company (TRC) was initially funded by an arts grant; its core was a handful of paid, trained theatre people. When the grant ran out, TRC became a community theater group. Its final play, in 1997, was “God’s Favorite.” By then, it was evident that the two groups shared common goals and were using many of the same actors and tech personnel, so they merged and formed what is known today as Theatre Huntsville.